Cheryl Petersen

002297Cheryl Petersen

Cheryl Petersen studied Graphic Design at Monash University in 1998 as a mature age student and majored in illustration where upon completing university she worked both as a freelance illustrator and a jewellery designer.

As an illustrator she worked on several magazines and books including “Willis and the Echo” written by Craig Wellington and published by Hyland House, ”Jack the Giant Killer” and a selection of Hans Christian Anderson stories published by Pan McMillan. Her portfolio of work also extends to various children’s poetry books and book covers for Reed Books and various magazines and brochures.

In 2007, Cheryl Petersen realized her dream when she opened her own gallery –
Cheryl Petersen Galleries, located in Somerville on The Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The gallery constantly has a broad range of colour and texture on display, where you will discover subtle hues and sophisticated brush strokes on the many diverse artworks for sale.

“Mostly I paint to my moods, it is the foundation for my inspiration. My best works seem to happen naturally when I am totally absorbed in the moment. If I feel like painting the whole canvas black I will and then I just see what happens next….no planning, no contriving…just letting it flow. I try not to control my work too much, I prefer to keep the spontaneity flowing. I think it’s very important to be a good artist technically, but it is just as important to be able to create freely and originally from the heart.”

Cheryl has become well known for her style of work, which includes a large array of vivid designs & enriching colour, full of beauty & joy. Her background is evident in the often whimsical portrayal of subjects in her art. It is this diversity that has led her gallery to become a one of a kind learning studio that offers art courses & workshops for  the absolute beginner to the advanced artist.